Monday, December 6, 2010

My Blog Has Moved

Hi peeps!
This post might startle u a bit. Just a short and quick update. Hmm, more to an announcement rather than an entry actually... From now on, i'm not gonna update this blog anymore. I have a new, private one... So, if u wish to read or continue reading (for those who has been reading) the new blog, please leave your email address in the comment section. I'll send u the invitation :-)

For my close friends or people who knows me personally, no hard feelings ok, and please don't get me wrong.. I didn't mean to leave u guys behind by not sending u the invitation directly/personally, BUT i need feedback on who is really interested to read my blog, so pls let me know by giving me ur email or let me know thru facebook, email or sms(u can choose the way) that u still interested in reading my blog. Because although u know me in real world, not necessarily u want to read my blog, right? I was thinking of inviting the follower of this blog too, but heck, i can't view them! I don't know why... may be something to do with my firewall...